Is it possible to achieve fullness in relationships in 2023?

Yes, arguments with the children, with the mother, with the spouse, with the boss, are among the fundamental situations that need healing in our lives!

Let’s look at these questions together?

rebuilding relationships is
a challenge that may seem impossible and many give up because they find it exhausting or even not worth it.

Today I want to show you that in addition to being possible, it can be achieved this year, if you allow it.

Restoring bonds, although not an easy task, is why we are here in Gaia.

Realize that the main relationships that need attention are within our own socializing, whether within the family or outside it.

Being of Pura Luz, observe your closest relationships and realize the importance of re-establishing a healthy bond with them.

Within our community I offer tools of great value to those who seek to be in harmony with themselves and others!

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