Any relationship, be it love, professional or social, needs these 3 foundations in order not to fall into chaos.

  1. Exchange
    If there is no exchange, there is no relationship.
    You always have to put yourself in the role of a learner.
    It is at this point that harmony lives, when we let our guard down and allow ourselves to be heard without judging, without wanting to teach, tax or impose anything on the other.
  2. Detachment
    A relationship bears fruit from detachment.
    When we idealize something, or cling to certain conditions from the past, we create a force contrary to the present that literally stagnates any relationship.
  3. Honesty
    Honesty starts with you.
    Being honest with yourself is the key to not falling into the unknown, as honesty is directly linked to permission and, when it comes to relationships, permission is what limits and shows how far you can go.

Pure Light, start applying these basic principles today and enhance positive relationships in your life!
Save this content to really put it into practice!

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