From the series: Already saved to watch at the end of the week.

A mother and her daughter face a journey of many fights and disagreements. The worst had to happen for the relationship to heal.

In this passage, the mother, who until then had not had a good relationship with her daughter, found herself in despair due to the pain that her daughter was feeling.
And there, all her empowerment as a mother and in connection with her daughter resulted in an emotional scene, which we can all understand.

Often in external circumstances of work, day to day, family dynamics, we forget to exercise our essence, we stay on autopilot, often cutting off our tenderness, affection with ourselves and with others.

But when a situation arises that puts us almost in checkmate, change happens and you manage to connect again with your essence and express that tenderness.

Let’s be inspired by these films and always remember to exercise our essence, valuing the right things.

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