I knew something was very wrong, I just didn’t know what it was yet…

I really had no idea what was happening to me, the feelings came like whirlwinds. It was a year of a lot of crying and seclusion, as far as possible, in view of the personal context I was experiencing at the time, 15 years ago. Still active in law, in a loving relationship, keeping a circle between friends and family…

I couldn’t expose my internal state too much because I didn’t understand what was going on. But the truth is, I was entering my own cocoon. The next phase would be one of renewal and new beginnings, now with a direction and a PURPOSE.
The conscious thought of our own wants and desires is not a simple process. Many things or even our entire lives are put in check and, in a fraction of seconds, an entire world loses meaning and its ground disappears.

“But don’t I already have everything?”

This kind of thought will arise in your mind and it’s very important to keep an eye on them, respect limits and phases, allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to be reclusive to bloom again, it’s necessary.

The real “let it flow” is to give time to time, wait and be patient, the answers will appear at some point, the key turn will settle in and again, in the blink of an eye, everything makes sense and a new world opens before you.
Trust and respect your stages, everything has a purpose!
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Gratitude for Ever!

Mauricio Teixeira

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