1- They did numerous tests to find out what was wrong with me.

2-My childhood was different from the traditional one, I was a different child in every aspect.

He liked to play alone, he was silent for a long time and he was not surrounded by friends. All of this, seen through the eyes of my parents, was anything but normal.

3- Since my father was a doctor, I remember always being in hospitals carrying out different tests to “find the reason” behind a behavior that was just different.

How many times do we do the same thing nowadays in our adult life. We are faced with what is different and immediately look for “what is wrong with that”

4- It was no different with my parents, throughout my childhood they tried to find answers by seeking only one source, traditional medicine, exams and psychologists.

Until, to my surprise, one fine day the psychologist called my parents to talk and said the following sentence:

5- “the problem is you, adults and not him”

After this diagnosis, we changed psychologists…

6- Being afraid of what is not common and thinking that this is a problem can harm not only your life and your development, but also those around you.

7- One of my strongest affective memories is playing alone under a mango tree that had just been cut in the backyard of my house, there, amid so many branches and leaves, I set up a small hut and fully played that I was riding my spaceship.

In that moment alone, I wanted to immortalize.

8- The price of not having a safe space to truly express yourself, when it is not resignified, can have major negative consequences in adult life.

9- I worked on this issue! I love and am immensely grateful to my parents for everything they have done and still do for me.

The experiences we go through here in Gaia are exclusively for us to express our full potential, for that, making mistakes and accepting is part of all processes.

10- And you, Pura Luz, do you know how your child likes to express himself?

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