2- In complete silence and fasting. This was a strong and profound experience in which I put myself through an intense test. And at the end of these 4 days, I understood the real challenge, not only for myself but for humanity as well.

3- Our ancestors and many beings nowadays experience food deprivation, as we know it, solid food.

During these 96 hours, I explored nutrition in a different way, through juices, but also through solar energy and the energy of nature.

4- But as a good human being, I felt headaches, stomachaches, and the pain of hunger.

At that moment, I stopped to observe myself from the outside and delve into self-awareness. I thought about how pain takes us away from our center and throws us off balance.

5- Maintaining focus and mindfulness is challenging.

I didn’t allow myself to be overwhelmed by those feelings. Instead, I nourished myself with the energy of the sun, lay in the hammock for a while, and gradually regained my balance.

6- On every occasion, I connected with the energy of the sun, the earth, and the water. During this period of complete silence, insights emerged, along with a very special visit from my Mentor.

7- Silence, isolation, and fasting are capable of transmuting and cleansing deep issues, allowing us to connect with higher frequencies. This is how answers come with greater clarity, as there is no influence from low-quality food, useless content, or negative thoughts.

However, they are not the only way to achieve these results.

8- I consciously placed myself in this test, and do you know what the final insight was?

9- To turn on my cellphone again and return to the world, to modern life. Not because I don’t like my life, quite the opposite, I love it. But balancing both realms is indeed the greatest challenge, not only for me but for all of humanity.

10- The Plenitude Community was created with the intention of being the bridge that connects you, through your cellphone and media platforms, with your spirituality.

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